Business Transformation and Cloud

Financial Optimization

Shift your teams focus from executing the business to enhancing the business. Whether it is reducing spend per transaction, providing better insight to your leaders and internal partners, Astute’s Finance Optimization Framework guides your organization to identify and execute on corporate priorities.

Procurement Optimization

In a time of flat revenues and shrinking operating budgets it is imperative to tactically optimize. Reign in long term cost with consistency and control throughout your procurement processes - From process optimization, process waste elimination, management of excess, or on-demand inventory fulfillment.

Industry Tailored Solutions

From Healthcare to Professional Services to Manufacturing; Astute Business Solutions deploys expertise that diligently frames solutions to deal with the idiosyncrasies and requirements of a variety of industries. From compliance reporting to unique inventory and asset management requirements our methods and resources will optimize your processes for your industry.

Cloud Strategy and Plan

Astute brings valuable insight into not only the potential opportunities of Cloud solutions such as cost savings and speed to market - but also but also the practical challenges of cloud adoption that includes business process redesign and operational process changes too. Our Business Optimization Framework lays the foundation for your Cloud adoption and realization.

Business Process Re-engineering

Financial re-engineering starts with trading IT capex for opex and technology re-engineering in your data centers to managed cloud. That's just the start and Astute is your partner and guide on the transformation journey that leads to real-time analytics within financials, on-demand reporting, role-based dashboards and more.

Continuous Innovation

With the continuous delivery model of Cloud, change is constant and keeping up with those changes is part art-form and part business acumen. Astute provides strategic guidance and advice on which features to uptake and when that are aligned with your business goals and also the needs of your larger business community


What We Do

Cloud Strategy

Asute’s prescriptive approach maps your current systems to the ERP Cloud, while laying out a Faster Time to Value roadmap, identifying co-existence strategies, transitioning from on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP and much more.

Cloud Management

Strategic management of new release uptakes with a proven change framework that phases in new features and keeps your organization connected with the latest features that you can take advantage of to drive business impact.

Cloud Deployment

FasTrack is a lean implementation methodology focused on helping you maximize Oracle Cloud ERP capability while getting you incremental successes with Solution-Driven Approach, Templated Configurations, and Process Adoption Frameworks.

Cloud Testing

Well-defined testing methods and tools to help you de-risk your release updates, managed changes to ensure that training and knowledge dissemination precede feature deployments, testing application controls to reduce audit risk.


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  1. Procurement Optimization - White Paper by Astute
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Our People


Astute's acute focus on process and domain layered with Oracle Cloud Implementation excellence allows us to design the software solution to exceed your needs.


The move to Cloud is more strategic than cool and requires that blend of modern thinking and equal appreciation for client requirements, while deftly balancing change and bringing the whole organization along in the journey


Our Experts know that Cloud is not an all or nothing deal. For some, it’s a bold transformative move, for others, its baby steps with co-existence strategies that get you to your desired end state in stages.

Our Approach


Ensuring Customer success is our number one priority. All of our services and solutions drive towards that goal.


If we are not driving positive business impact with our recommendations, we are not doing our job.


From increased TCO to on-demand business intelligence to intuitive controls, we focus on business value.

Our Skills

Cloud Strategy and Planning 90%
Deep ERP Process Expertise 85%
Business Transformation Framework 95%
Best Pratice-Based Implementation 90%
Cloud LIfecycle Maintenance 85%

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