Migration to Cloud

Get Astute about SaaS

Do you know which Cloud solution is right for your business? How does Cloud compare with On-Premise? Astute’s pedigree in Cloud SaaS applications, Managed Cloud (Private and Public) and Cloud Management can help you lay out your strategy, roadmap and plan for your Cloud adoption and deployment.

On-Premise to Cloud

Astute’s FasTrack cloud migration service is designed to map, transform, convert and test your move from On-Premise to Cloud. From new implementations to co-existence strategies, we’ll help you understand what you need to bring along and what can be left behind and how you can manage it all.

Cloud to Cloud

Not happy with your current SaaS provider? Not leveraging your Cloud to its max potential? Astute can help you analyze, optimize and enhance your SaaS applications and recommend the best platform that meets your needs and scales as you grow in the future.

Cloud Integration

The Modern Cloud is social, mobile and fully integrated. From finance to supply chain to human capital and sales, inter-connectivity is crucial. Astute delivers ERP and HCM integration for you using standardized protocols to make it easier to implement and manage.

Cloud Management

Change in the Cloud is fast and constant. While Oracle manages your infrastructure, security and applications, Astute adds value by helping you uptake new release features, by performing incremental rollouts of your Cloud footprint and by helping you get more of our Cloud investments with reporting, social, mobile and more.

Cloud Development

Astute specializes in developing analytical reporting packages using pre-built reporting constructs in the Oracle Cloud to jump start and accelerate your reporting projects. Talk to us about our industry specific analytics in the Oracle Cloud.


What We Do

Cloud Strategy

Asute’s prescriptive approach maps your current systems to the ERP Cloud, while laying out a Faster Time to Value roadmap, identifying co-existence strategies, transitioning from on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP and much more.

Cloud Management

Strategic management of new release uptakes with a proven change framework that phases in new features and keeps your organization connected with the latest features and improvements that you can take advantage of to drive business impact to your organization.

Cloud Deployment

FasTrack is a lean implementation methodology focused on helping you maximize Oracle Cloud ERP capability while getting you incremental successes with Solution-Driven Approach, Templated Configurations, and Process Adoption Frameworks.

Cloud Testing

Well-defined testing methods and tools to help you de-risk your release updates, managed changes to ensure that training and knowledge dissemination precede feature deployments, testing application controls to reduce audit risk




Our People


Astute's acute focus on process and domain layered with Oracle Cloud Implementation excellence allows us to design the software solution to exceed your needs.


The move to Cloud is more strategic than cool and requires that blend of modern thinking and equal appreciation for client requirements, while deftly balancing change and bringing the whole organization along in the journey


Our Experts know that Cloud is not an all or nothing deal. For some, it’s a bold transformative move, for others, its baby steps with co-existence strategies that get you to your desired end state in stages.

Our Approach


Ensuring Customer success is our number one priority. All of our services and solutions drive towards that goal.


If we are not driving positive business impact with our recommendations, we are not doing our job.


From increased TCO to on-demand business intelligence to intuitive controls, we focus on business value.

Our Expertise

Cloud Hosting 90%
Cloud Management 85%
Cloud Provisioning 95%
Cloud Architecture 90%
Cloud Integration 85%

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